A73 Ahmad Tea "Diamonds Box" 60 Bag Box - 6 Flavours x10 Envelopes -160g x8

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Ahmad Tea "Diamonds Box" Bag Box - 6 Flavours x10 Foil Envelopes - 160g x8


A beautiful Diamond Box to keep for yourself or gifting

Six different teas - x10 each foil envelopes:

English Breakfast, Earl Grey, English Tea No.1, Chai Spice, Cinnamon Haze, Cardamon




English Breakfast: Black tea


Earl Grey: Black tea flavoured with a high dose of bergamot


English Tea No. 1: Black tea with a slight touch of bergamot


Cinnamon Haze: Black tea, Cinnamon flavouring, Cinnamon


Cardamom Tea: Black tea, Cardamom flavouring


Chai spice : Black tea, Ginger, Cinnamon, Pepper, Chai flavouring, Clove, Star anise, Cardamom